Who is a Realtor®?

All real estate brokers are not necessarily Realtors. There is a professional standard in our industry, just like many professions, and Realtors abide by this standard and are held accountable to it. Unfortunately, through the years the term Realtor has become synonymous with real estate broker and nothing could be further from the truth. There is a huge difference. Be sure your real estate broker is a Realtor®

Realtors® are due paying members of the National Association of Realtors®, The State Association of Realtors® and the Local Board of Realtors®.

Realtors® are held to higher standards of professionalism and accountability than real estate broker that are not Realtors®.

Realtors® abide by a Professional Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics. (Ask me for a copy and I will gladly provide it to you.)

You can be sure when you work with a Realtor® of several things.

First is accountability. Your real estate broker will be a person of integrity.

Second is professionalism. Your real estate broker works to high and lofty standard.

Third, your real estate broker probably has more advanced training and education. The designations you see following their names can only be obtained and held by Realtors®.

Lastly, it demonstrates your real estate broker is committed to his or her industry and profession which means they are committed to their clients. Realtors® look beyond the commission to relationships and friendships that will bring success to their clients, make their business prosperous and enjoyable for many years to come.

All Realtors® Are Real Estate Brokers, But Not All Real Estate Broker Are Realtors®